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Indian History is witness to a large number of battles and wars. Starting fromthe battle between Alwxande and Porus to the lates Kargil war, a lot many battles have been fought for throughout the history which paved the way for for foundation of different dynasties. You should be aware of the important battles of Indian History such as in which year a particular battle was fought, between whom it was fought and what were the consequences. Take a short test on battles and wars:

1. Which battle led to the end of French power in India

a. Battle of Wandiwash
b. Battle of Plassey
c. Battle of Buxar
d. 1st Carnatic War

2. Which battle led to the foundation of Mughal rule in India

a. First battle of Tarain
b. Battle of Haldi Ghati
c. First Battle of Panipat
d. Invasion of India by Nadir shah

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3. Which of the following force/forces fought combinedly against the Marathas in the third battle of Panipat

Nawab of Oudh 2. Rohilla chiefs 3. Ahmed Shah Abdali 4. East India company

a. 1, 2 and 4
b. 1, 2 and 3
c. 1, 3 and 4
d. all of the above

4. Through which battle Akbar ascended the throne
a. Second Battle of Panipat
b. First Battle of Panipat
c. Battle of Haldi Ghati
d. Third Battle of Panipat

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5. Match the following:

A- Battle of Plassey 1. 1526
B- Battle of Buxar 2. 1760
C- Battle of Wandiwash 3. 1764
D- First Battle of Panipat 4. 1757

a A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1
b A-4, B-2, C-1, D-3
c A-3, B-1, C-2, D-3
d A-3, B-4, C-1, D-2

6. Match the following:

A- First Battle of Tarain 1. 1565
B- Battle of Talikota 2. 1556
C- Battle of Haldighati 3. 1191
D- Second battle of Panipat 4. 1576

a A-4, B-2, C-3, D-1
b A-4, B-2, C-1, D-3
c A-3, B-1, C-4, D-2
d A-3, B-4, C-1, D-2

7. Match the following:

A- Invasion of India by Chengiz Khan 1. 1739
B- Invasion of India by Nadir Shah 2. 1398
C- Invasion of India by Timur Lang 3. 1221
D- Invasion of India by Mahmud of Ghazni 4. 1001

a A-4, B-2, C-3, D-1
b A-3, B-1, C-2, D-4
c A-3, B-1, C-2, D-3
d A-3, B-4, C-1, D-2

8. Match the following:

A- French Revolution 1. 1815
B- Battle of Water Loo 2. 1805
C- Battle of Trafalgar 3. 1917
D- Russian Revolution 4. 1789

a A-4, B-1, C-2, D-3
b A-4, B-2, C-1, D-3
c A-3, B-1, C-2, D-3
d A-3, B-4, C-1, D-2

9. Match the following:

A- Khan Bahadur Khan 1. Kanpur
B- Rani Lakshmi Bai 2. Bareily
C- Nana Sahib 3. Jhansi
D- Kunwar Singh 4. Bihar

a A-4, B-2, C-3, D-1
b A-4, B-2, C-1, D-3
c A-3, B-3, C-2, D-4
d A-2, B-3, C-1, D-4

10. Which of the following statements is correct about the battle of Tarain

1. First battle of Tarain was fought in the year 1191
2. Prithvi Raj Chauhan defeated Muhammad Ghori
3. Second battle of Tarain was fought in the year 1193
4. Muhammad Ghori defeated Prithvi Raj Chauhan

a. 1, 2 and 3
b. 1, 2 and 4
c. 2, 3 and 4
d. all of the above

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