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Pattern of UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam

Clock Sequencing

Observe the angle which is formed by the hour hand and the minute hand of the Clock on your wall. Measure the degree by which a minute hand moves every 5 minutes or the hour hand moves every 15 minutes. A lot many questions have been asked related to the movement of clocks.
Take a specially created short test on Clock sequencing:

1. It is 0 hr 0 min at present. How many degrees will the minute hand move by the time it is 2 hr 30 min

a. 720
b. 900
c. 880
d. 450

2. A clock shows the time as 4:00. After hour hand has mover 150 degrees, the time would be

a. 8:00
b. 10:00
c. 7:00
d. 9:00

Solved Papers of UPSC Preliminary Exam GS Paper I

3. By how many degrees the hour hand moves in one hour

a. 30
b. 15
c. 60
d. 90

4. A clock shows 7 O'clock. by how many degrees will the hour hand rotate when the clock shows 11 O'clock

a. 60
b. 120
c. 150
d. 240

Time Less Super 100 Series (Model Tests For UPSC Preliminary Exam)

5. When the time in the clock is 3:20 PM. The acute angle between the hour hand and the minute hand is

a. 15
b. 10
c. 18
d. 20

6. In a period of 3 hr 10 min, the needle hand will move over how many degrees

a. 1140
b. 1000
c. 1180
d. 1040

7. When the time in the clock is 4:30 PM the acute angle between the hour hand and the minute hand is

a. 60 degree
b. 45 degree
c. 75 degree
d. 50 degree

8. A clock shows 3:00. By how many degrees the minute hand will rotate when it is 3 hr 2 min

a. 15
b. 2
c. 20
d. 12

9. When the time in the clck is 3:30 PM. What is the exterior angle between the hour hand and the minute hand

a. 285 degree
b. 75 degree
c. 315 degree
d. 15 degree

10. It is 2:00 PMin the clock. By how many degree the hour hand will rotate when it is 2:30 PM

a. 30
b. 45
c. 15
d. 10

Short Preview of Model Tests For UPSC Preliminary Exam

Now, How do we arrive at various calculations. Well it is like this:

A- Movement of hour hand:
1. 360 degree in 12 hour
2. 30 degree in 1 hour
3. 15 degree in 1/2 hour

B- Movement of Minute hand:
4. 360 degree in 60 minute
5. 6 degree in 1 minute

When you have to calculate the acute angle between a time say 3:20PM then the movement of hour hand should also be taken into account. The calculation is like this:
If hour hand is exactly at 3 hr and minute hand is at 20 minute then the angle between them will be 30 degree. The movement of hour hand in 20 minutes will be (30 degree in 1 hour or 60 minutes i.e. (30/60)*20 = 10 degrees). So the acute angle is 30 - 10 =20 degree.

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