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Organisational Head Quarters

At the global level there are several International organizations which formulates International policies. Apart from the United Nations Organization and its various agencies like International court, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNIDO, UNESCO etc there are several other regional International organizations like ASEAN, the CommonWealth, CIS, Council of Europe, ESRO, NATO, G-7, NAM, SAARC, OECDetc. It is imperative to know at least the functions of each such Organization and its Head Quarter. Try this short test:

1. Where is the Head Quarter of the International court of Justice locaterd

a. The Hague
b. Mew York
c. Paris
d. Rome

2. Where is the Head Quarter of Amnesty Internatinal located

a. New York
b. Washington
c. London
d. Paris

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3. Where is the Head Quarter of the International Atomic Energy Agency located

a. New York
b. Tokyo
c. Berlin
d. Vienna

4. Where is the Head Quarter of common Wealth Heads of government meet located

a. London
b. Paris
c. Montreal
d. Ontario

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5. Where is the Head Quarter of International Monetary Fund located

a. Geneva
b. Paris
c. Vienna
d. Washington

6. Where is the head Quarter of INTERPOL located

a. Paris
b. New York
c. Brussels
d. London

7. Where is the Head Quarter of Internatinal Red Cross society located

a. Paris
b. Moscow
c. Geneva
d. New York

8. Where is the Head Quarter of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation located

a. Washington
b. Mexican city
c. New York
d. Brussels

9. Where is the Head Quarter of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation located

a. Karachi
b. kathmandu
c. New Delhi
d. Bangkok

10. Where is the Head Quarter of United Nations International Children's Emergency fund located

a. Washington
b. Geneva
c. New York
d. Vienna

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